From The Brora School of Philosophy, to discuss:

If we can agree with the following Aristotelian propositions.

Using well-founded syllogistical reasoning, we can refer to the widely quoted example that:

  1. All men are mortal
  2. Socrates is a man
  3. Therefore, Socrates is mortal

This syllogistical formula was justifiably used by the UK and Devolved Governments and Parliaments for lockdown:

  1. Some citizens in our national community are vulnerable to death from Covid infection
  2. Locked-down society reduces the spread of Covid infection
  3. Therefore, Scotland should be locked-down to protect the vulnerable from Covid death

And so to ask, ought Highlanders to adopt this syllogistical pattern, thus:

  1. Resident Highlanders who use Highland roads are vulnerable to injury and or death from RTAs
  2. Heavily-regulated, well-designed, well-maintained roads reduce the risk of RTAs
  3. Therefore, Highland roads ought to be heavily-regulated, well-designed and well-maintained to protect the right to life of those who are resident in the Highlands and have to use its roads

Logic demands that if example 1 and 2 are valid then so too should number 3 be.   Thus, Government policy should be to redirect more resources into the Highland road network and towards Traffic-Policing; especially if the data evidences that a Highlander is as likely to suffer harm and or death from an RTA as from Covid.