Beinn Mhealaich

I met Her when I was walking up the face of Beinn Mhealaichand all He said was, sgaoil a’ bheag. She must have stridden around the skirts because I met Himon my way back down on the other side of Meallach. This time all She said was, a-mach a bàs. It seems there isa little … Read more

Meall a’ Mealladh

An ill wind blew you in, they sayTo you ill wind is fair and warm.How else can magpies this north flyLocust-like? You come in swarms. Do you enjoy us meallach birdies?You steal our rings and Cataibh broochesAnd you sing when first you see asThe pictishvikingcelt approaches. Much rarer and fragile breed than youMuch more busied … Read more

A Golspie Ballad

Well, it’s up in the morning But I dinnae hae workSo doon on my knees,“Jesus, what is my worth?”Yon pillars o’ wisdomCouped by the PlagueAn’ noo legislators say“Thou canst not play” So, I’m droving tae GolspieBearing for the BenWi a bottle o’ whisky Wrapped up in my coatIf we have a ceilidhWe’ll forever be friends … Read more


She sleeps sound, not knowing the angstThat keeps him awake with the fear and doubtOf the kind freedom fighters take into themselvesWhen the order to kill is being carried out. Kitty, dear Kitty. Soft. Gentle. Fragile feather.Are you dreaming of holidays by the white-blue Med?Do those dreams of yours stray to revolutions thatYour Man executes … Read more

Black Loch

After weeks of sweet serenityThe black loch is mightily agitatedBy a cold north westerly, whipping Up her frocks and throwing her pettiCoats onto the craggy virgin shore.Now there are waves not waking ripples. The autumn equinox just passedHas heralded in the onset of winterAnd sent her mad the icy madam.Scurrying for omens in the belliesOf … Read more


I used to care about my countryBut now I couldn’t care less.Our lunatics have taken over ourDemocratic asylum, yetA veneer of reason is smeared overThis irrational Scottish messThat explains itself with graphsAnd spreadsheet logiclessness.

The Path to the Broch

There is no path to the broch It is the Way untravelled The faeries who walk there Come by dreamlines that Straggled and snaked Once upon the land. What sort of creature could Set out with neither map nor plan? It’s obvious Only a fool A beast of a fool And that would be a … Read more

Rules of Chess

The Rules of Chess are all man-madeTo win one can in theoryswipe some piecesoff the board and then exclaim“Victory” The Rules of Chess remain in forcefor so long as all us players concedeand follow without thinkingwhat the Masters of the gamedecreed The Rules of Chess are swallowed holeDo you not think this funnythat mankind blindly … Read more

At the Morning Milking

Only old Yochan tholes, he’s thrawnenduring at the morning milking.Every other crofter drives to Tainto shop for milk, is Yochan’s thinking. But if we don’t work what doth we dowith idle hands? Yochan insistscrofting thus answers the call ofDr Frankl the Logotherapist. When we have a why to live for we canlive with any how. … Read more

On Stony Ground

It’s a hard, hard lifeAnd the damned thing,Thanks to God, the harderwill never yield to live itself. Wherever be that truthAlive in joy’s inaction:Wise to live a life in art, orthyself a charmed distraction. Thus, life can be a little easyIf viewed when lying downEspecially if a love is by as, youlie on stony ground.