Vibrate Vapor Omnia

They say we are banal Lacking in passion For togetherness Or some sort of Apartheid; But it has been too long Since the bluntest axe Hacked the widow’s tree And the cries of the ravens Drowned-out the singing bairns Who still sing Sentimentally Beneath the waves of romance For a fairy tale nation That cannot … Read more

Grasping the Thistle

I guess we’re growing old like thistles in the drought- parched park we all die slow in summer; Our seeds have blown away as shadows slowly fall to cover up the cracks of crippled lovers. We leave nothing more than dust the carvings of a stone that michaelang’lo smoothed with sweat and a chisel; For … Read more

Lunch at Craigs

Toward the sea the mountain thawing flows Toward the sky the mountain oaking grows Natural workings and beautiful workings The easy course to take No struggling no grinding Just slipping smoothly by In the hope of a smile And without the fear of a punch Easy Like doing business on a Friday From about to … Read more