Keeps Himself to Himself

He keeps himself to himself dying from Agent Orange
He only talks to himself about what he had seen
He keeps himself to himself when he ended up being foreign
He’s been fighting the war since he was seventeen

It was 1965 in Claysville, Missouri
Signed up for the Draft of his own free will
Kissed his mama goodbye and walked by the bluff that grew him
Waved to papa in the field and made for the Ashland Hills

2020 Cedar Creek, Missouri
His old trailer is leaking fast but he’s still got beer
Killed his mama and pop when he checked into Hanoi
He’s been trying to check out of there for fifty years

Hanoi Hannah didn’t sing the country blues
Ho Chi Minh didn’t wear them cowboy boots
He was stripped buck naked in his solitary cell
They call America
Just waiting to die
By keeping himself to himself

What’ll tomorrow bring in old Missouri?
Will he find love when he closes last the bloodshot eye?
Mekong River and Big Muddy will rise together
Day after day just waiting for a call to die