Mac Gilgamesh

Dear Ms Murrell, how doth it feel
to rule us with science thus rule with a rod?
Art thou beguiled by us living forever
defying Mother Nature, thus playing God?

Reflective first thought humankind made
sometime around the Neòlithic Age
For year after year we lived and defied
We knew nought of viruses or how we died

In this 21st century do we now know it all?
Our empirical leaders decree us to gods
Fleeing our mortality, we flee our morality
Hence lockdown is illogically a logical thought

Thus, Scottish gods what now do you think?
Plastic chokes whales and we’re drinking more drink
Middle aged oil men and sad catalog wives
Snorting cocaine to bypass a life

What now Scottish gods what ponderest thou?
To grant the impossible to bypass my death?
I am a bairn of old Jockie Tampson
I wish not to be Mr Mac Gilgamesh